Keeping Seniors Healthy During the Holidays


While the holidays can be a time full of laughter and fun spent with family, it can also be a challenging time and a source of stress. Exercise schedules might be disrupted and healthy eating plans are usually pushed aside. Offer to help your elderly relatives with their shopping during the holidays. They may not wish to ask for assistance, but will appreciate the help.

In order to keep seniors healthy during the holidays, remember these tips this holiday season:

    1. Make Healthy Choices
      It’s OK to make the family favorite this season, but try to make the next meal a little lighter, like soup or salad, rather than having all heavy or greasy food.
    2. Stay Hydrated
      Because the holidays are full of parties, get togethers, shopping, and going from here to there, seniors need to be especially careful to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks if possible.
    3. Follow Dietary Restrictions
      If you are cooking for your elderly loved ones during the holidays, make sure to cook with low sodium, and keep fresh fruits and vegetables around to prevent unhealthy snacking.
    4. Rest After Traveling
      For some, the holidays can be an exhausting, overwhelming time, especially if it involves traveling long distances to visit family and friends. Offer the option of a rest day upon arrival of your destination rather than a day full of activities to allow your loved ones to recuperate.
    5. Stay Involved
      While your elderly loved ones may not be hosting the holidays at their home any longer, they would still feel appreciated to be involved in the planning or decorating process. Allow them to help cook their favorite dish in your home or invite them over for a day to decorate your house.

While keeping a few of these tips in mind and with willingness to change some traditions, seniors are able to stay healthy and involved while having fun with their family and friends during the holidays.

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